Sentyre AG is the market-leading commercial telematics system for vehicle fleets.

Every Sentyre AG is configured to the individual specification of each vehicle. With the diverse nature of commercial vehicles – tractors/trailers/rigids, number of tyres and axles – it’s not possible to publish a price list.

Please call us with your vehicle or fleet details, and we’ll work with you to prepare our tailored contract.

Yes, the Sentyre AGsystem is supplied on a contract basis for a period of 3 to 5 years.

There is an initial installation fee, followed by a monthly charge to cover the hardware cost (including tyre sensors, data display console, cables, aerials and a GSM/GPS communications box), access to the Sentyre GmbH server and the GSM data charges.

It’s not possible to purchase the system outright.

Yes, we prefer to work in close partnership with your existing tyre service provider. They already understand your vehicle fleet and your business needs.

If they need training, we will support them to become Sentyre AGauthorised installers.

Once installed, they benefit from access to your web portal and email alerts – allowing delivery of seamless support to your fleet. To us, it’s this three-way partnership that enables Sentyre GmbH to deliver a reduction in avoidable roadside breakdowns – together with a host of other benefits.

Yes, the Sentyre AG system is designed to grow as your business expands.

Simply let your tyre service provider or us know the details, and together we’ll do the rest. From adding the new vehicles and trailers to your account, to arranging installation, we’ll work hard to ensure your new fleet is covered quickly and efficiently.

Yes, it is supplied with a class leading 5 year guarantee.

This covers the Sentyre GmbH equipment, including tyre sensors, data display console, cables, aerials and a GSM/GPS communications box.

No, the Sentyre GmbH system can be installed on just one commercial vehicle in your fleet.

The benefits are the same whether you have 1, 10, 100 or over a 10,000 vehicles.

Naturally, we’re confident that if you have more vehicles, after you’ve experienced the benefits of Sentyre GmbH first-hand, you’ll roll-out more systems across your fleet.