Our artificial intelligence for complete wheel monitoring

Sentyre supports your competitiveness through better transparency and delivery reliability on the “last mile,” and is therefore an important component of Logistics 4.0.

With Sentyre, you can easily eradicate up to 90% of uncontrolled breakdowns in the area of tyres, rims, and brakes – with predictability based on machine learning. Together with our partners, we are continuously developing these exclusively for road transport.

Complete wheel monitoring made in Germany – the cloud solution for your fleet management.

Sensor technology on the vehicle

The sensors on your fleet vehicles receive data on air pressure and temperature without interruption. These go directly to the integrated telematics box and can be called up in the real-time data view on the monitor within the vehicle.

Cloud communication

The server pulls data from the cloud in real time, analyses it, and produces messages or warnings that are sent to the driver with an optical and acoustic alarm.

Each vehicle has a Tyre Control Box and Communication Box that is connected to both the tyres and the cloud.

Web portal

Information is sent continuously and in real time via the GSM network to the cloud. Like the Sentyre System, the cloud security network is made in Germany for maximum data security.

The information from the cloud is sent to the web portal. The fleet management and repair teams are informed directly via this web portal.

Reduces costs.
Reduces downtime.

Reduces emissions.
Reduces accidents.

Makes Sense.

Telematics solution for the intelligent networking of your entire fleet

Can be integrated seamlessly

Sentyre can be tailored to be integrated into existing telematics and IT systems such as ERP. Our cloud solution is also compatible with all vehicles and trailers.
It can be used immediately, anywhere.

De minimis eligible

Anyone who invests in additional road safety and environmental protection can hope for subsidies from the federal government. The “de minimis” upper limit for companies in the road transport sector is up to 100,000 euros for up to three tax years.

State-of-the-art telematics technology

Your brand-agnostic partner for monitoring air pressure, temperature, and the vehicle data for your trucks, trailers and heavy machinery. In this way you reduce your consumption and optimise the mileage of your tyres.

This is how it works

Digital and in real time

  • Sensors in tyres, rims, and brakes
  • Data transfer to the cloud
  • Evaluation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Analyses are made visible in real time
  • Predict problems and alert drivers and fleet management

Your benefits at a glance:


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions in road traffic
  • Reduction of microplastic emissions from tyre wear

  • Cost reduction in fleet management

  • Fewer personal injury accidents

  • Just-in-Sequence. Just-in-Time. Last-mile.