Digital whole wheel sensors for transport and logistics

Artificial intelligence in road contact

More sustainability through real-time telematics for the complete wheel

Sentyre is a German start-up that develops new technologies for fleet management. Our cloud solutions utilise German-developed artificial intelligence to demonstrate their potential in direct contact with the road.

We analyse data in real time and process it in order to predict and avoid problems with tyres and rims. This includes air pressure that is set too low, which is the main reason for increased abrasion and fuel consumption.


Reduces costs.
Reduces downtime.

Reduces emissions.
Reduces accidents.

Makes Sense.

Higher efficiency and performance in fleet management

All wheels in perfect shape

This reduces the risk of an accident, which may result in delays, delivery failures or even personal injury.

Sentyre is advancing digitisation within Logistics 4.0, and is focusing on sustainability to improve climate protection in the industry.

Focus on contact with the road


  • State-of-the-art fleet management
  • Sensors in tyres, rims, and brakes
  • Data transfer in real time to the cloud
  • Evaluation through artificial intelligence
  • Analyses are made visible in real time
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Your advantages


  • Reduces emissions
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces costs
  • Cloud solution and AI developed in Germany
  • De minimis eligible
  • Vehicle and tyre-manufacturer-agnostic, compatible and open system